Management & Administration

1- There shall be, for the overall management of the company's affairs, a Board of directors, which will be elected from amongst the members.
2- One term of the Board of directors would be for three years.
3- No person shall be appointed as a director if he is ineligible to hold office of director of a company under section 187 of the Ordinance.
4- No member / person shall hold more than one office in the company, such as those of Chief Executive / director of company secretary.
The composition of the Board will be by designation as under.


 S No Designation Department
 1  Chairman  Federal Minister of Housing & Works
 2  Deputy Chairman  Secretary Ministery of Housing & Works
 3  Member  Managing Director PHA till the dissolution of PHA and thereafter Chief Executive of PHA Foundation.
 4  Member  Member Engineering. CDA
 5  Member  Joint Secretary. Ministry of Housing & Works
 6  Member  Financial Advisor Ministry of Housing & Works
 7  Member  Director General. Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation
 8  Member  Joint Engineering Advisor Ministry of Housing & Works
 9  Member  Director General PWD